Realtek 1319 vs ARM Cortex A53 : Key Differences

Realtek 1319 vs ARM Cortex A53

Smartphone processors are getting more popular day by day as they are used in various electronics, especially inside the TV box. Most of the basic work people can do with smartphone processors,

but with the revolution of smartphone processors, people can do some professional tasks with their smartphone processor, including recording and playing 4k videos, image and video editing, high-end gaming, and lots more.

In this article, we are going to compare the two best smartphone processors, which are Realtek 1319 vs arm cortex a53. Let’s see which one is best and why.

Realtek 1319

Realtek 1319 comes from the Realtek RTD series in 2020. Though it is a smartphone processor, but basically used in the android TV boxes. The processor is an ARMv8-A (64-bit) processor, which has four cores and four threads.

The processor has a 1.4 GHz base frequency speed with 1 MB cache memory. The processor comes with LPDDR2/3, DDR3/4 type memory support, and its max memory capacity is 4 GB.

Mostly, the processor includes ARM Mali-G31 MP2 as an integrated GPU graphics which has 2 GPU execution units and 32 GPU shading units with 650 MHz GPU base clock. The 1319 processor allows you to get 4K 60fps as a max display resolution.

The processor can decode H.265 4K 60fps, H.264 4K 30fps, 1080p 60fps videos and encode H.264 1080p 60fps videos. The processor will allow you to use USB 3.1 and HDMI 2.1 connectivity options.

And additionally, you will get Wi-Fi 5 802.11b/g/n/ac 2T2R and Bluetooth 5.0 support. So this is the complete specification of the processor.

ARM Cortex A53

ARM Cortex A53

From 2014 to till present, the most commonly used architecture for smartphones SoCs is ARM Cortex A53. Cortex A53 is a replacement for Cortex A7, and it can perform 30% better than A7.

It is a 64-bit Armv8-A processor which has four cores and four threads that allow it to gain a 1.3GHz base frequency speed. Each core of this processor comes with an L1 memory system.

You may have 6/8/12 GB ram support depending on the device. You will get Adreno 308 compatibility with the processor, and the GPU can boost the gaming performance by up to 25 percent, which is decent enough for standard gaming.

As the processor used in various smartphones, it has a flexible specification. So the processor does not have any specific specification; rather, it depends on where the processor is integrated.

Realtek 1319 vs ARM Cortex A53

As I mentioned earlier, ARM Cortex A53 doesn’t have any specific specifications, so the comparison between Realtek 1319 and ARM Cortex A53 is a bit hard.

But one thing I should say as A53 has various uses, it may work better sometimes, but at the same time, it may work worst if the device, which includes the processor, cannot integrate it properly.

On the other hand, Realtek 1319 is a TV box processor, so the use of this processor is limited. In contrast, the ARM Cortex A53 is a smartphone processor where it can be used in lots of smartphones, and it can perform differently according to the smartphone specification.

Final Words

So, with the discussion from above, you already should know which processor you need to pick. If you are planning to buy a TV box, you may go with the Realtek 1319, and if you are buying a smartphone with a Cortex A53 processor, check the other specification of the phone.

But if you are planning to buy the processor only among these two for your DIY project, you should check the limitation and ability of the processors and choose accordingly.