Roland RE-301 vs 201 : Difference and Comparison

Roland RE-301 vs 201

You may enjoy the music of Pink Floyd and Bob Marley, who used space Echo in their music. Artists use space Eco to add exciting Ambience effects to the music.

Roland re-301 and 201 are the two best space echo devices produced by the Japanese company Roland. In this article, you will get full cover of Roland re-301 vs 201 with their strengths and weaknesses.

Roland RE-301 Features


The Japanese company named Roland Corporation has a reputation for introducing exceptional and quality musical instruments. Since 1972 they have been dominating the market for musical instruments.

Re-301 is one of their vintage chorus echoes that adds stunning effects to the music. Let’s discuss some key features of this top dog in the following.

Multiple Echo Heads

Roland re-301 has multiple echo heads capable of creating various space echo effects. Also, it has accutronics reverb with the Roland chorus, which makes this piece an exciting space echo device that many classic artists love.

This machine is equipped with delay playback heads which work to deliver multiple chorus effects. They are also sound on sound head, and the three heads have six different combinations.

Classic Space Echo

Roland-RE-301 Classic Space Echo

It came out in the market in the 1970s with an excellent chorus circuit and recording loops that work as delay space with outstanding performance. As it becomes old, some units need to be refurbished and calibration for optimum performance.

Some modern companies like echo fix bring them with some modifications and upgrades externally and internally, but they don’t change any fundamental component that can affect the performance.

Roland RE-201 Features

Roland RE-201

If you need a vintage space echo with fewer features and settings but have the perfect producer of reverbs and delay echoes, then re201 is the best kit. It is a legendary space echo made as a combination of tape echo and reverbs. Let’s have a lot at some key features of it.

Dub delay and Characters

Experts said the re-201 has more color and is perfect for dub delays. Also, it offers more characters and is effective in producing every echo. Even some noted that re201 could create some self effects, which is warmer and gritty.

Even though it can imitate the actual sound in the echoes, the sound is lush and feels like it comes from somewhere out of reality.

Multiple Control Knobs

Re-201 is equipped with eleven control dials by which modes and effects can be controlled according to your wish. There is one knob that controls the tape speed; another control is the pattern of the repeats.

Besides, you can control the dry or wet mix of reverb and echo by the knobs. Moreover, there is EQ for outputs with several decibel switches that can control bass and treble.


This machine has three inputs, including an instrument Input and two microphone inputs. You can observe these inputs from a backlit UV meter.

The whole package is very effective in creating the sound of the dream. You may create a new effect by setting them according to your wish that resembles none.

Roland RE-301 vs 201 Key differences

The artists widely used Roland re301 and 201 as they are great for space echo and delay reverbs. They can manipulate your signals in every possible way and have altered the history of music throughout the last century. Still, they have some differences, which will discuss in the following.

Chorus Effects & line ins

Roland re301 has an analog chorus echo that is absent in 201. In addition, you will get extra 3 line-ins by which you can put three audio sources like voice, bass guitars, etc. The chorus effects would be best used while you use pads.

In contrast, you will get two mic inputs in re-201 and another instrument input where you can add pads, guitars, mixers, etc.

Sound Quality

We put them in real-life performances and get a slightly different sound from each of them. The Roland re-201 sounds spacious, whereas the re-301 gives a cleaner sound.

In addition, re301 sounds warmer, while re201 sounds a bit thinner. Nevertheless, the re-201 produces little noise when continuously running for a longer time.

Spring Reverb

Another plus point for re-301 is the spring reverb; many music producers love to add more effects to their music. In contrast, there is no spring reverb in re-201.

Also, re301 has an intensity setting option by which you can set the severity of the effects. For example, the audio tweak is effectively possible with this delay intensity setting.

Delay Setting & Repeat Rate

Delay setting in re-301 offers you various tape delays that allow you to choose a particular effect to your sounds. Moreover, you have a distinct setting called CV by which you can control the speed of delays. Controlling delay speed and reeat rate is more effective in re-301 than re-201.

Design & the Quality Delay Sound

Some experts keep re201 ahead, considering the design and delay sound quality. They opine that re201 has a discrete design that lacks in 301.

Furthermore, despite having a wide range of delay settings, re301 lags more than re201, comparing the sound quality of the delays. However, when 201 is being pushed a little bit, it can produce good delay sounds.

Each has their Strength

Let’s be concise, Roland re301 has the cleanliness of the sound. On the other hand, re201 is the best for dealy sound quality, and Re 201 has multiple classic gears, good reverb echo, and multiple delay settings.

In contrast, re-301 is perfect at self-oscillation. Moreover, the length of the delay is quite in re-301.

Multiple Mode Selector

In re-301, you will get 12 distinctive mode selectors; by them, you can switch to desired sound modes. These modes work on three playback heads. They also assist in getting reverb effects which are spring reverbs. With these mode selectors, you can create even more modes.

Re-301 is an Upgrade

In  Re-201, there are carbon comp resistors that are backdated and lose their performance, creating a distortion of low ends and noise when pushed. The problem is solved with an upgrade in re-301.

Carbon film resistors and an op-amp are used in it. As a result, re-301 gets more head space and can create noise-free, strong bass.

Input Splits Signal Path

In re201, the inputs go in different ways but not simultaneously. It either goes to the reverb or the delay, resulting in a single influence in any of them.

In contrast, the re-301 has a simultaneous impact on both paths, which means it can simultaneously influence the dry signals and echo.

Final Words

These devices can bring classic music vibes so impeccably that you can go back to the 1960s. They both are great for reverbs, and space echoes with versatilities.

However, re-201 has extra features, such as chorus effects, spring reverbs, and multiple modes. Lastly, Roland re201 is impressive in producing delay sounds, and the re-301 has clarity in the sounds with some extra features.