Sansui Speakers – Vintage Classic Speakers

Sansui Speakers – Vintage Classic Speakers

In the late 90s, Sansui had become a household name for producing Electric and electronic home appliances. This Japanese brand has produced some quality products that have made a place in consumers’ minds.

Sansui speakers are considered the best classic speakers for their quality, durability, and design. The old days have gone, but the Sansui speakers remain in the heart of people who value tradition and have a taste for elegance.

Most Popular Sansui Speakers

There are many Sansui speaker models such as sp5000a, sp-2500a, sp-1500 sp 5500, and sp3500. However, all the speakers of Sansui are not good enough to gain popularity.

In the following parts of our writing, we will pick the top 5 Sansui speakers of all time because of their extraordinary features and sound quality.

1. Sansui sp-5500 Speakers

Sansui sp-5500 Speakers

The Sansui sp-5500 is one of the rare classic models by Sansui. People called it an audio beast amp for powerful audio production. 95lB sp-5500 has a four-way sound system. There are 6

loudspeakers, including one pair of large speakers and one pair of smaller speakers.

Firstly, there is a 120 wt power source that can meet the demand in every possible way. Sansui sp-5500 can receive 40Hz -20KHz audio signals from any modern source. In addition, the crossover frequency varies from 700Hz, 1000Hz, and 6500Hz.

Secondly, the speakers’ cones and horns make different bass, treble, and audio sensitivity combinations. It can output bass, midbass, and high treble. Any user who wishes to enhance the bass can connect a subwoofer to the system.

Even one can quickly get a subwoofer connected sp-55000 in the Marketplace. However, it has a paired channel HiFi gear that can produce enough bass.

Moreover, Sansui SP-5500 speakers can deliver powerful sounds because two large vintage speakers are inside them. 120 wt power supply can make them work perfectly in all possible ways. In a word, SP-5500 is the top-class speaker of Sansui.

2. Sansui Sp-5000a Speakers

Sansui Sp-5000a Speakers

Sp-5000a is another vintage speaker from Sansui. It was made in the 1970s, but still, people want to have it for its elegance in sound and design. The attractive wooden box and elegant design have made it one of the classic models in the world of audio speakers.

This model is a combination of 5 speakers: one large speaker and three mid-rangers. The woofer is 16 inches, and the midrange speaker is 8 inches. There are two super tweeters and one compression tweeter. The super tweeter is 2*2″, and there is a 1/16″ tweeter.

However, this model is quite smaller. Its body dimension :443 x 661 x 280 mm. By the way, 98dB output can mesmerize you in every possible way. The speaker has long-lasting cones, horns, crossovers, and an amp. There is no issue with the bass and sound; the speaker condition is still good.

3. Sansui Sp-2500a Speakers

Sansui Sp-2500a Speakers

Sp-2500a is a pair of classic vintage Sansui speakers. Some people call it a jewel, or some call it a treasure in the world of speakers. They are standing on a set of beautiful stands in the wooden case. The wooden veneers are true elegance.

The speaker’s height is 64 cm, length is 41cm, and it is 27.5 cm deep. In other words, it is a small rectangular-shaped box of compact design. It can fit anywhere in your household.

It is a powerful midrange speaker Sansui having 85 watts. The frequency of the crossover ranges from 700 Hz to 6500Hz. The weight of each speaker is 25 kg which can be easily carried from place to place.

The subwoofer is 30.5 inches that can produce medium lower frequency bass. The speakers have two tweeters of 5 inches for higher frequency audio production. The three ways crossover of the speakers can produce crisp sound.

4. Sansui Sp-3500 Speakers

Sansui Sp-3500 Speakers

Sansui Sp-3500 has six speakers, and they are in four ways. It has two sub-woofers, including one high range and one midrange.

High-range subwoofers are 14 inches and 355mm, and the mid-range is 4 inches 100mm. The subwoofers provide flawless audio bass that can not be produced even by some modern speakers.

It has tremendous power of 100wt, delivering maximum output. The 100WT supply is enough for all these five speakers. Furthermore,  there are two types of Cones. One is an X1 type cone, and another is an X2 type cone. The cones are still the best competitors to modern speakers.

In addition, there is a flawless audio controlling system in Sp-3500. One will get volume and modes buttons on the back. The mode button has three modes clear, natural, and soft. By it, the sound can be adjusted according to users’ wishes.

5. Sansui Sp-1500 Speakers

Sansui Sp-1500 Speakers

First of all, Sp-1500 is a floor standing system. These are mid-range Sansui tower speakers that can satisfy your moderate desire. Superior and polished wooden design can enhance the beauty of any household. Some producers now refurbish them to give a more decent look.

Secondly, the speaker has a 93dB sensitivity at a low price that will obviously satisfy you. The system has a tube amp offering enough loud and powerful bass.

However, there are distortions if the speakers are put to full volume. So better to have it in around 70-80% volume level.

The most talked good side it has is the speaker’s making. It has lasted throughout time. Still, it is continuing to serve.

However, recently, users have claimed distortions and imbalance while playing it. Also, The complete sets weigh 47lbs which is relatively heavier in proportion to their sound level.

Final Words

Sansui speakers are simply great at producing a balanced sound. You will get a perfect combination of high, mids, and low bass. Also, there is a mild blending of trebles as well. These quality speakers can blow away the minds of music lovers with their natural sounds.

However, as these are vintage and old speakers, some need upgrades and re-edition. Sometimes, you need to add modern woofers, tweeters, and crossovers. Overall, Sansui speakers are still great classic sound producers.