Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX

Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX

After seasonic prime and prime ultra series, seasonic came up with its incredible prime tx, prime px and prime gx series. All ran by the one seasonic initiative, with no time these three became the most favourites of users.

This article is designed to discuss seasonic prime tx vs px vs gx briefly. So, if you are planning to purchase any of them recently, the article will be of a good help to guide through all their individual features.

Seasonic Prime TX Features

Seasonic Prime TX

The seasonic prime tx is the third-generation prime series’s latest instalment. This PSU stormed into the users’ hearts with its ability to achieve the highest titanium certification level and eye-catching 94 percent efficiency at 50 percent load.

As voltage fluctuation becomes, one of the most significant issues is desktops, the prime tx works to fix that problem. The PSU keeps the output voltage within a minimal range, and the load regulation is only 0.5 percent. This stable power supply makes it suitable for a high-performance system.

Besides, this has a hybrid fan control mood where there is next to zero noise while rotating the fan. To increase the fan’s lifespan, the prime tx also assures fluid dynamic fan bearing features. Also, the back panel is connected by a copper plate to ensure minimal manual insertion errors.

Seasonic Prime PX Features

Seasonic Prime PX

Seasonic prime tx shares similar features with prime tx, the previous model of prime tx. The prime px is another high-level platinum certification holder. PSU obtains 92 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. Besides, this edition’s outlook is a bit larger in prime px.

Besides, the output voltage control feature to keep the voltage at a shorter limit for a 0.5 percent load regulation is also present in prime px. The incredible hybrid controlling fan feature lets the fan rotate in silence with the help of top-quality lubrication.

As the prime px came after the prime gx, the manufacturers tried to design this PSU to become more powerful than the prime gx. So, they increased the level of certification from gold to platinum so that it could perform better in comparison to gx.

Seasonic Prime GX Features

Seasonic Prime GX

Seasonic introduced prime gx as their first instalment in the third generation PSU series to introduce the users to the future version of PSU. Since its introduction in the market, the prime gx has won millions and still holds the position of one of the most sold PSUs worldwide.

The seasonic prime gx holds 80 percent gold highest level certification and 90 percent efficiency at 50 percent workload. It is the first instalment in the seasonic prime series, and this PSU has been loved by everyone from the first day of its announcement in the market.

Similarly, in the prime gx, the cable connection feature was replaced by the copper plate for the first time, and it is so helpful that it instantly wins the users’ hearts. Later models followed this feature to keep the improved power supply for the desktop.

Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX: Who Takes The Crown?

Seasonic Prime TX vs PX vs GX: who win

The purpose of prime tx, prime px and gx is the same, but as they are introduced at different parts of time, each of them is improved and unique in their way than another. The main difference among them is their performance quality.

As the prime gx was introduced earlier, it has gold certification, and the efficiency rate is 90 percent at 50 percent workload. The cable plate, hybrid fan feature, and upgraded voltage control features are the attractive sides of it.

The prime px is the second instalment in the series. It has a relatively larger outlook. Besides, the prime px has platinum certification where its efficiency rate is 92 percent at 50 percent workload. The other features are similar to gx and tx, including voltage control, copper plate etc.

The latest instalment in the series is the prime tx PSU. It assures incredible titanium certification with an impressive 94 percent work efficiency at the rate of 50 percent workload. This version also follows its ancestors and includes similar features of copper plate, outer voltage control and hybrid fan.

So, you can understand from the discussion that they belong to the same series and are similar in many ways. Prime tx costs more than its ancestors because it is the latest model, but the previous models are no less in providing the same features as the features present in prime tx.

Besides, as with time, the work efficiency in the PSUs got better and higher; you can select your PSU according to the workload that can match its features.

Also, if you are a moderate user who does not aim to do high-speed work on the desktop, then previous models will work just fine with you.

Final Words

People use PSU to upgrade the speed and service of their desktops. Also, a good quality PSU ensures a long life of the drive parts and the desktop. So, if you are looking for a trustworthy companion for your desktop for a smooth user experience, you can pick from seasonic prime gx, prime px and prime tx.

If you want your desktop to be engaged in high-speed work, then the latest prime tx can be your best option. Similarly, if you are a moderate user tight on budget, you can choose between prime px or prime gx.