Sony X95J vs Samsung QN90A: Which is better?

Sony X95J vs Samsung QN90A

In the era of technological wonder, televisions have quitted the role of being a mere luxury and are considered an absolute necessity worldwide. Both the brands Sony and Samsung go neck to neck in competing to win the market with their best smart television from time to time.

This article is aimed to discuss a brief comparison of Sony X95J vs Samsung QN90A. As we see, both are worth the hype in their sectors, but as potential buyers who want to make the most of their hard-earned money.

We hope after going through this write up there will be no confusion left in you regarding Samsung QN90A vs Sony X95J.

Sony X95J Overview

Sony X95J

Sony has always stunned the market with its exquisite series of smart televisions. With time their televisions did not only get better, but the features also got beyond the time and expectation to provide the buyers with a premium watch experience.

The X95J is no different in addition. Let’s walk you through the fantastic features it has for you to offer.

Ingenious Cognitive Processor

Sony X95J introduced you to the world’s first-ever ingenious cognitive processor. This processor understands how human eyes view things and works to make the transmission look as realistic as possible, along with the 4k picture quality.

So, not for once will you feel the quality of the watching is deterring, and you will get the sensation of everything displayed on the television happening as if in front of your own eyes.

Playstation Compatible

We all know how gaming has become an essential part of our lives. As the PlayStations are updating, the smart televisions face trouble matching the qualities to do justice to the upgraded features of the PlayStations.

It is excellent news for PlayStation users that the X95J is entirely compatible with PlayStation 5, so you will never miss a thing while gaming. Besides, the input lag is only 8.5ms only.

Wide Angle Watch

Sony X95J Wide Angle Watch

The urge to get a bigger screen, so everyone in the room gets the best watch position, has now met with the Sony X95J television. With the comprehensive angle watch feature, no matter where the television is mounted in the room or where people watch it, they will always get the best screen view.

Upgraded Audio Feature

The Sony X95J not only aims to please you with eyes but is also dedicated to giving you a premium hearing experience. This television includes two slim subwoofers along with a pair of tweeters on the sides of the television.

The add-on helps elevate the sound quality and make the audio effect as fundamental to life as possible.

Environment Friendly

As people are becoming more aware of the planet and always finding ways to reduce production waste materials, sony has worked to cover such wishes too.

The X95J is made from 40 percent sustainable materials used for the models’ rear covers with larger screens. It is undoubtedly a thoughtful approach to save the earth and respect the people actively participating in such causes.

Samsung QN90A Overview

Samsung QN90A

Samsung has always been one of the trusted brands for home appliances. From old-school television sets to smart television, the quality game has always been top-notch in every model samsung has designed.

The Samsung QN90A is one the most loved television models of samsung in recent times. Here are some detailed features of this incredible television set.

Quantum Technology

Samsung QN90A is famous for the quantum technology to enhance audio and video quality. The quantum matrix technology includes a Mini LED designed feature for hyper-focused brightness adjustment and dimming the screen in the needed space. Besides, the Neo quantum processor upgrades picture quality to 4k resolution.

Nextgen TV Feature

With the inbuilt Nextgen TV feature in Samsung QN90A, you do not need to spend hours searching for content on the internet as the television includes built-in tuners to connect you with high-quality 4k television content, which are absolutely free to watch.

Also, it is a big attraction for viewers who are not fans of searching and switching between channels.

Object Tracking Sound

At some stage of watching television, we all have experienced distorted audio or the audio not matching the timing of the actions happening on the screen.

The Samsung QN90A has worked on this issue and created the exclusive object tracking sound feature where the audio is distributed evenly. Hence, you feel you are at the center of the situation and getting a realistic watch experience.

Anti Reflection Feature

Samsung QN90A Anti Reflection

This is another tricky problem that more or less every audience faces while watching television. Samsung QN90A has a dedicated feature that works to solve this issue where no matter whether its day time or night time the audience will never experience this reflection issue.

So, the screen will never become too bright or too dark because of outer aspects while in use.

Super Ultrawide GameView

Gamers especially pick Samsung QN90A for the ultimate gaming experience. Samsung QN90A has the dedicated super ultrawide gameview feature where the viewers experience a wide viewing angle.

So, no matter where the person is sitting or the number of viewers simultaneously, everyone will get the same premium viewing experience.

Samsung QN90A vs Sony X95J: The Battle of the Bests

The comparison of X95J vs QN90A is, at the same time, very crucial and insightful. As both the televisions are best on their own, the buyer needs to go through every aspect to get an accurate comparison result.

There is nothing like “the better television” term for any of these models; it’s the one that suits the buyer’s need most.

Outlook and Budget

If you consider looking for the outlook sustainability and design, slightly the Samsung QN90A gets the upper hand for its slimmer design. Besides, the Sony X95J comes in only three sizes, whereas the QN90A has a range of screen sizes to select from, and if you are a fan of a bigger screen, then samsung has it in stock for you.

Considering the budget, X95J has a limited option, but samsung gives a vast range of options to select from.

Visual Quality and Response

Both X95J and QN90A have their offerings for the viewers. To start the comparison, first, let’s mention their similarities. Both the televisions have 4k resolution along with wide-angle viewing.

In addition, the QN90A has an anti-reflection feature, whereas local dimming features make the X95J unbeatable in the aspect of glitch-free watching. Both the televisions adjust the screen response according to the action, so no frame goes missing.

Audio Adaption and Improvisation

The X95J includes two additional sets of subwoofers and tweeters for even sound distribution to cover all the edges of the television.

On the other hand, the QN90A supports quantum technology for object tracking sound features where the audio exclusively follows the action happening on the screen. Both televisions work to reduce noise while screening.

Gamer Goals

The X95J is dedicatedly designed to be compatible with the PlayStation 5. On the other hand, QN90A uses super ultrawide gamiview for gamers to feel like they are at the center of the action.

Besides, the HDR brightness in QN90A is better than X95J, but this only works if you keep updating the television. Also, the frame dimming glitch is almost absent in both televisions.

Final Words

The QN90A vs. X95J comparison is one of the most asked online questions. Both televisions are designed to please a dedicated range of buyers. Depending on your budget, you can select any of them using options and preferences without worrying about their quality or service.

The Sony X95J and Samsung QN90A are one of the most discussed models of their respective brands, and depending on the buyer’s user preference, one model can be a bit more convenient than another.