VGA Cable vs S-video : Key Differences

VGA Cable vs S-video

VGA and S-video both are video transmitting technology via cable connection. Though both are pretty older technology still, they are used as most of our old monitors and TVs. have these options.

In this article, you will know which is better among VGA cable vs S-video and which one you should prefer if you have these connection options on your PC monitor or TV.

What is a VGA cable?

What is a VGA cable?

The full form of VGA is a video graphics array. Basically, VGA is a type of visual data transmitting cable which is used to transfer video from a computer’s CPU to the monitor, TV, or projector.

In general, a VGA cable consists of 15 cables inside the cable cover and has 15 pin connectors on both sides. The contractors of this cable are blue and have two screws on each side for a stable connection.

What is an S-video cable?

What is an S-video cable?

S-video is also a wired video transmitting technology where it only transmits video signals by dividing the visual data into a brightness and color signal. Typically, older television and monitor include an S-video port as they support composite video only.

In general, a basic S-video cable has four wires inside the cable cover where 2 of them are for transferring Intensity (Luminance) and Color (Chrominance) data and the other two are for carrying ground.

VGA cable vs S-video

In a comparison of VGA cable and S-video cable, a VGA cable is a clear winner as it has no color bandwidth limitations like the S-video cable.

On the other hand, a standard VGA cable can transmit 640 x 480 resolution visual data with a 60Hz of refresh rate, whereas a standard S-video cable also can transmit 480i resolution video, but as it composes the color data, you will get lower color resolution than component video.

What are VGA cables used for?

What are VGA cables used for?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a visual data transfer cable in between the CPU and monitor. This is the most common way to transmit visual data as most devices come with a VGA port.

Even modern monitors, TV, and projector still provide a VGA port beside the HDMI port as it is still a popular way of transferring video data. On the other hand, VGA cables are much cheaper in comparison with HDMI cables, so they are broadly used in offices, school/college labs, and computer cafes.

S-video Resolution

Typically S-video has 480i or 567i visual resolution. As s-video transmits visual data by composing brightness and color by separating white and black color signal, it can able to achieves better image quality on the screen than the composite video, but in the process, it loses color accuracy and appear with lower color resolution on the screen.

So, though VGA and S-video have almost the same video resolution, but their on-screen performance is not the same. You will get better color resolution with a VGA connection and may get better picture quality with an S-video cable connection.

Does S-video Carry Audio?

S-video cable is a visual data transferring cable where it can transmit a medium-quality-standard-definition analog video image signal only between the CPU and monitors.

So you will not send or carry any audio signal with the S-video cable. If you want an audio connection, you have to use an extra 3.5mm audio jack cable from the CPU to the receiver’s audio input or AUX port.

Is S-video better than RCA?

Like S-video and VGA cable RCA is also a type of electrical connector which is used to transmit audio and video signals. In terms of resolution, RCA is better cause it can carry 480p, 720p, 1080p, or even higher resolutions.

On the other hand, RCA can able to carry audio signals too, so in that case, RCA is also better than S-video cable. But as an S-video connection compress the video signal, you may get better on-screen picture quality.

What does an S-video cable look like?

What does an S-video cable look like?

S-video cable includes either four wires, seven wires, or nine wires inside the cable cover, depending on the pin. A standard S-video cable length is 150ft, and both ends of the cable have a round shape, slightly flat bottom connector with multiple holes, which can be either 4,7 or 9 holes.

In general, most S-cables come with a black cable and connector, and some have a yellow connector with a black cable.

Final Words

At the end of the article, I hope you will get which one you should get between S video vs VGA cable connection. If you have both VGA and S-video connection ports on your monitor, TV, or projector, you can use any one of them as both have almost the same video resolution, but if you are concerned more about color accuracy, I will recommend you to go for VGA.

On the other hand, if you want to get a good picture quality from an older CPU that only generates lower resolution video output, you can use an S-video cable connection.