Wav vs MP4: Comparison Between Them

Wav vs MP4

Different types of sound and video formats are available nowadays and are used for different purposes. The most common audio and video formats are AVI, MP4, MOV, WAV, MP3, WMV, FLV, WEBM, etc. These formats are very popular, and in everyday media consumption, we use them extensively.

However, the most used and most discussed two formats are MP4 and WAV. Both these formats provide excellent quality though they have some differences in use. If you are looking for differences between wav vs mp4, we will say you have come to the right place. Today, we will demonstrate a detailed analysis and comparison between both formats.

What is MP4?

What is MP4

A file that comes with the .mp4 extension is known as the MPEG-4 video file format. It is one of the most common video formats that is used for media consumption and downloading and streaming videos from online platforms. MP4 is a compressed video format that can store good-quality still images, audio, and subtitles.

Is MP4 Sound or Video?

Is MP4 Sound or Video

Well, on this question, we will say MP4 is eventually a video format, but it can still contain sound. The mp4 format has been well-known for a long time for its versatility. This format is mostly used in streaming videos over the internet and media consumption on devices.

Does Mp4 Lose Audio Quality?

On this question, the answer will be ‘yes.’ When you save audio or video file in your PC an mp4 format, you may notice that it loses some data and less data means less quality. This is a drawback of the mp4 format. Despite having this drawback, this has been so popular as it is playable in any operating system.

However, if you want a file that doesn’t lose quality, in that case, you can avoid using the mp4 file format. Again, the file format is not so high in quality and not so low in quality. It’s a balanced format supported by any device and usable by anyone.

How Do I Open an MP4 File?

As the MP4 file format is a standard file format for video, most video players support this format. So, you won’t find difficulty in playing an mp4 format. To open a file, you have to tap on it. The default video player of your device will open it. Android and IOS both operating systems support an MP4 file.

It’s so simple to play a video in mp4 format as it is very popular around the world. You won’t need to install any third-party software to play a video in mp4 format on Windows or Mac. To play an mp4 format, Windows uses windows media player by default, and Mac uses QuickTime player.

What Is WAV?

What Is WAV

IBM and Microsoft develop WAV format for their personal computers(pc). This format originated from the Microsoft Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). WAV is an uncompressed audio format that doesn’t need any processing and captures the raw sound that doesn’t need special decoders while using.

Is WAV the best audio quality? Why is WAV the best audio format?

Certainly, the WAV format ensures the best audio quality. WAV format reproduces sounds in its original format without losing the quality. All operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Unix support WAV format without the support of any third-party software.

However, besides providing high-quality sound, it will allow you to edit and modify your audio file without losing the quality. This happens because of having better depth. Among all the audio formats available nowadays, the WAV format is incomparable to any of those formats. This is why wav is the best audio format.

What is WAV best used for?

What is WAV best used for

Most commonly, we see the use of uncompressed audio in WAV format. Uncompressed audio uses linear pulse code modulation (LPCM) format. LPCM format is used in CD coding as it is uncompressed. So, in CD coding, we see the use of wav format most.

Furthermore, in the music industry, the WAV format is one of the best choices among music producers. WAV files can be easily edited and modified, and that’s the cause of being so popular in the music industry.

WAV vs MP4: Comparing the MP4 and WAV Formats

Since you are looking for differences between mp4 vs wav, you have already come to know much about them. In the following part, let us discuss some main differences between wav vs mp4.

WAV vs MP4: Used For

WAV is only an audio format with high-quality sound. It is used in applications that require high quality. Such as in CD(compact disc) production, the WAV format is generally used as it reproduces the best quality sound. Additionally, the reason for using it as it is uncompressed and doesn’t lose its depth.

On the other hand, MP4 contains both audio and video. But the fact is that MP4 is a lossy format as it gets compressed. It doesn’t provide the best quality. Indeed, the format produces quality in a balanced way that is usable on any device and by anyone.

WAV vs MP4: File Size

a WAV file is bigger and needs more space. A WAV file needs more space as it is not compressed. On the contrary, an MP4 file, despite containing both audio and video files simultaneously, consumes less space as it goes through a process of compression. If you have less space on your device, content in MP4 format can be a solution for you.

MP4 vs WAV: Popularity:

in music production, WAV files are very popular. A WAV file has better resolution and depth. You will find it easy while mix and master an audio file as it won’t lose its quality and depth. Whereas an MP4 file has low resolution and depth, and you won’t find it effective in video production. Every time you edit an MP4 file, it loses some of its data resulting in a lesser quality.

MP4 vs WAV: Which one is lightweight for attaching files

sometimes we need to attach files via Email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc to send someone. While sending WAV files, you may face problems because of their size because these sites have limitations in the size of your content.

Let’s give an example. While an MP3 audio file with a length of 5 minutes needs a space of 5 megabytes, a WAV file needs more than 120 megabytes having the same length of time. An MP4 file can be easily attached as it is a compressed format. A 20-megabyte of MP4 file may have a length of over 30 minutes.

Final Words

Wav and Mp4 both have different purposes; one is just an audio format and the other is a video format that contains audio. Both are industry standard formats and very popular worldwide. We can’t say here that one is better than another. Based on their uses, they are the best in their sectors. WAV format is incomparable to any audio format.

On the other hand, MP4 format is a standardized versatile form of video format. So, they have different areas to work with. However, We suppose we have demonstrated their differences in a detailed way here, and we hope there should be no confusion regarding the topic of mp4 vs wav.